Spectral Inspire Match Rugby Ball

Spectral Inspire Match Rugby Ball

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Spectral Inspire

The Spectral Inspire by WebbEllis is the best ball they have ever manufactured.

Not only is the moulding technology designed and engineered in the UK, the rubber compound is manufactured in the UK. As the game has developed, so should the ball , to meet the players' needs. 

The grip pattern is the most aggressive yet - with a major emphasis on wet handling, dry handling and ball retention in close quarters.

Kicking properties have not been disregarded - it is a well balanced ball with an improved bladder, and good weighting to ensure it travels straight and true. 

Ball Properties

  • International quality match ball designed for elite level match play.
  • 3 ply thermal bonded laminate manufactured from polyester, cotton.
  • Stiff construction for longer distance out of hand and for place kicking.
  • Best wet grip handling combined with superb balance, pinpoint accuracy and longer distance.

Currently available in size 5 only.