Kicking Tee
Kicking Tee

Kicking Tee

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Crafted from durable molded rubber, this kicking tee endures repetitive, forceful kicks, serving as an excellent practice tool for players at any skill level. Its stable base ensures steadiness in diverse weather conditions and on uneven fields, while four rubber prongs provide optimal ball support for precise contact, whether focusing on accuracy or distance.

Rugby tees, available in various heights, shapes, and sizes, elevate the ball above grassy or muddy fields, enabling players to strike with increased firmness and accuracy. Lower tees offer enhanced stability for powerful kicks, while higher ones are conducive to easier learning. The choice of tee height is influenced by factors such as field conditions, kicking style, and personal preference. 


  • Molded rubber
  • Height: 4.5 cm / 45 mm / 1.771 inches
  • Stable base
  • Color: Orange