Our Story

Be a Person for Others

Team first!  When you are a great teammate, you aspire to be a person for others...and so do we.  Our passion is to support the growth of rugby in the US and beyond.  8x8 SPORTS was founded with a few guiding principles.  We are driven by our commitment to create the best products at the best price, and we want our partners to have the highest quality experience to match!  

Rugby is different. 

It is the ultimate team sport and a true global game.  We, at 8x8 SPORTS, understand the effort that clubs and players sacrifice to make the game truly special, as our team has over eighty years of combined in dedication and passion for the game.


In aspiration of our mission, we have decided to enter into a sponsorship agreement with College Rugby of America Association (CRAA) which starting this year includes both the top-level of competition for men and women (formally D1A).  8X8 SPORTS has qualified as CRAA's preferred provider of rugby uniforms and gear. 

We are proud to announce that both the Men and Women winners of the 2021 College Rugby National Championship Playoffs will be named "8x8 SPORTS Rugby National Champions".