Startup 8x8 SPORTS Becomes Naming Partner For CRAA Rugby (formerly D1A)

Santa Clara, CA - Apparel newcomer, 8x8 SPORTS, signed a 3-year sponsorship deal with the  College Rugby of America Association (CRAA) (formerly known as D1A Rugby). 

Inclusive in the deal, 8x8 SPORTS will become the official apparel partner of CRAA, and have obtained the naming rights for all Championship Tournaments and Trophies. 

CRAA, a subsidiary of USA Rugby, will benefit financially through this deal although the terms were not disclosed.  CRAA is funded primarily through members and member teams, and secondarily through USA Rugby.  

“This is a giant leap toward achieving our organization’s mission of helping Rugby Players and the Rugby Community as a whole,” stated Jxxx Bxxx, the president of CRAA “This partnership is the perfect opportunity to meet our financial needs, as well as, build a partnership with the 8x8 Sports brand.”

While the exact amount has yet to be released, it is anticipated to cover much of their organizational/marketing costs.

“It was critical for us to find a Rugby-focused partner who is as nimble as we are, believes in providing quality products and genuinely understands the needs of all of our members” stated Blow in a prior release.

“It was logical for us to support College Rugby in the United States through our sponsorship of CRAA.  Our mission is aligned with the CRAA’s goals to support and grow the both Men’s and Women’s Collegiate Rugby.” stated Brian Walsh.


The College Rugby Association of America (CRAA) is comprised of the premier divisions within Men's and Women's Collegiate rugby - including Men's D1A and Women's D1 Elite - along with Women's D1 and Women's D2. CRAA is committed to creating the best possible experience for student athletes, keeping commercial resources in the collegiate game, and creating experiences for our members to engage their academic institutions and alumni.


“Made for Rugby Players, by Rugby Players” says plenty, but we are much more than a tagline.  Our goals are simple: a) make quality Rugby gear at the best price, and b) advance the game of Rugby in the US.

8x8 SPORTS is a relatively young private apparel company funded by former Rugby players specifically addressing the United States Rugby market.

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